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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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really, really hard. >> reporter: this morning she received devastating news, her good friend leonard neft didn't survive the fast-moving fire. >> really hoped he made it out somehow. >> reporter: she's grateful for the hug she gave him a couple l weeks ago. >> an amazing man. i'm going to this him i'm going to miss him so much. >> reporter: work crews made progress cutting down trees and pg&e turned on the lights for 500 customers downtown. nearly 70,000 are still in the dark. >> some instances poles have disintegrated because of the impact of the fire. there's a great deal of reconstruction that needs to be done. >> reporter: 500 power poles still need to be replaced as the fire continues to burn in spite of yesterday's rain. >> there's still a chance with the warmup that we could get some flare-ups in the days to come. >> reporter: at the 24 mart she's ready to welcome her neighbors home and say together they'll begin to heal. >> just trying to move forward and, you know, what else can you do in this kind of tragedy?
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like, life goes on as they say. >> reporter: firefighters say the rain yesterday was incredibly welcome but it also did bring some challenges making the terrain a little bit tougher to maneuver yesterday. they say they're starting to be exhausted but taking care of themselves because certainly this fire fight is long from over. reporting live from middletown tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. here comes the other change. the rain is out and the high heat is coming back in. this will hurt the fire fight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has our updated forecast and rain totals we saw. >> along the fire lines, .4 an inch, definitely good news as we keep saying. that's the obvious point. the fire forecast for tomorrow, mostly sunny conditions. temperatures warming up by about 10 degrees to 85. winds within the fire could gust as high as 25 miles per hour. humidity lowering to 25%. so that's going to make this fuel out here even drier and where it could spread even
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faster. now, as we get a look at the overall wind pattern throughout northern california, the winds will blow the smoke away from the bay area tomorrow, so that's a little good news here, at least when it comes to the air quality throughout the bay area. here it comes as we've been talking about, the heat will be returning. looks like a three-day event of temperatures in the 90s. that includes saturday, sunday, and also on monday. sunday with those temperatures in the mid 90s. we likely may see containment numbers actually go down. just because it's going to be so hot and so dry. i'm back in about 15 minutes with your full forecast. >> jeff, see you shortly. it's been about six nights in a tent, families are getting restless. they want answers about temporary housing, emergency loans and access to their property. these are major issues. we're getting some of those answers tonight. nbc bay area's christie smith is in calistoga and were among the first reporters on site when the fire broke saturday. what's the latest tonight? >> reporter: we've had a chance
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to speak with evacuees today. they're certainly doing their best under the circumstances but they're tired. there are about 1,000 people here at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. i wanted to show you a live picture, this is what's happening here, what a lot of people have shown up for this evening. that is a meeting to update those who've been evacuated. we're talking about whole families here. we're expecting to hear from cal fire incident management team, possibly the sheriff's department, red cross, pg&e, many others to update everyone on where things stand. again, i spoke with a number of people who lost everything, and they say they're just grateful for the support they've received. firefighters tribute edistribut after bag of toys to children. it made this mom happy. >> it's exciting, you only get that many new toys on birthday and christmas. >> reporter: she believes the house she rented was destroyed in the fire. days later she's wondering
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what's next. >> my sister's home survived in cobb. we're hoping to put a trailer there if the county will allow us. >> reporter: it's a common concern as evacuees get help from the red cross, they answered some raised about the availability of indoor space at the shelter. >> there were people that opted to stay outside in tents because they could have their whole family in one tent, and just a little more privacy. >> reporter: she says they just ask that a person register. there's plenty of space inside. for many the more pressing issue not just the loss of a home but also a job. >> i was waste management supervisor at the hospital. >> reporter: stewart lackey says he'll look for a new career but wants to see first if his place made it. >> i want to see it, just for some miracle. i lived down in the ravine, you know, it might have jumped. i don't know. >> reporter: we're told this meeting could go on for several hours. that's because there will be a question and answer session
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after everyone is done speaking. i have to tell you, i've seen a number of people show up here who are evacuees but aren't even staying here, of course, looking for answers, too. reporting live in calistoga, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we'll have more from the news conference that's beginning right about now. for interviews from the evacuees and raw video of this fire, two to our website, or download our app, we also have a slide show that you're seeing here of the latest images. more troubling details are coming out in the case of the three jail guards accused of killing an inmate in the santa clara county jail. court documents obtained by nbc bay area, prosecutors say the jail guard sent text messages to each other, some cases bragging about abusing inmates. one of those inmates was in court today. nbc bay area's damian trujillo was there. >> reporter: these documents are the reason the people say the jail guards should be denied
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bail at tomorrow's hearing. they show an alleged pattern of troubling conduct by the guards. juan via hid behind his lawyer in court today. prosecutors say the three jail guards accused of beating inmate michael tyree to death also beat him minutes before. he suffers from mental health issues. >> the jail facility does not have people the that are properly trained to teal with people with serious mental health issues. >> reporter: the sheriff reports almost after the inmates in jail suffer from a mental illness. in these documents filed with the court prosecutors allege the three accused jail guards texted each other. one text sent months before rafael rodriguez allegedly texted guard matthew farris saying, quote, he was surprised about me slapping him, he sat on his bed with hand on his cheek, hahaha. i told him i bet your parents never spanked you but i will, haha. in another text, he told rodriguez about his cell block assignment on the sixth floor,
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quote, i love 6a, no camera and no groups, i hope i keep it. >> i don't think new correctional officers should be anywhere near people with severe mental health issues. i don't think that's a good idea in any way shape or form. >> reporter: the community wants a top to down audit and recommend changes by the end of the year. also in the court documents are are letters of support for the guards. letters asking the judge to allow these guards to be released on bail tomorrow. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a follow-up to the south bay's delayed hospital project. it's a harsh one. two weeks after the county locked out construction workers it has fired the company turner construction. and there's more. county is also suing the firm now for damages. nbc bay area first broke this story as the county's frustration boiled over. since construction began five years ago, the builders have missed several deadlines. county spokesperson tells us the delays are costing santa clara county more than $100,000 a day.
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it's going to be a major implosion. cal trans wants to implode the largest underwater pier of the old span of the bay bridge. today the san franciscos bay conservation and development commission unanimously voted in favor of this controversial project. the proposal was presented during the commission's meeting at the ferry building in san francisco. cal trans engineers say the underwater implosion will only take six seconds and they say a majority of the debris will fall in the hollow piers at the floor of the bay. now, despite concerns it will harm wildlife and contaminate water. the commissioners, however, were sold on the speed of the project. >> years. this is quicker and because they're not driving piles over the span of years, environmental benefits actually accrue. >> five more state and federal environmental agencies must approve this plan before the scheduled implosion which is scheduled for november.
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the death toll keeps liming following the 8.3 earthquake in chile. 11 people died following the earthquake yesterday. they expect the number to rise as they reach hardest hit areas. hundreds of people are homeless. hundreds of thousands more are are returning to their homes without power. everyone is still on edge as the area continues to be hit by powerful aftershocks. some as large as 7.0. some good news, 15-foot waves did hit the area, the tsunami alert has been canceled. has been canceled. the quake forced a tsunami advisory and watch thousands of miles away in hawaii. this is a live camera of the kawhi region, everything looks calm, fine, sunny. that advisory has been canceled. the area did see about a three-foot increase in the tide. minor wave also hit southern california this morning. not right now but the clock is ticking. the federal reserve says it will not raise interest rates. this helps a lot of people especially if you want to buy a house or refi. fed chair janet yellen says
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there are several concerns if play. economic slowdown in china and other emerges markets. and the volatility on wall street. yellen says she'd also like to see wage increases and continued job growth here in the u.s., plus an increase in inflation. she did stress, though, a rate hike will happen sometime this year. so how did wall street react to this news? it was a choppy day and ended mixed. the dow lost 65 points. the s&p was slightly town. but the tech-heavy nasdaq ended slightly higher. six months of their terrifying ordeal at the hands of an alleged kidnapper, an east bay couple has filed a claim against the city of vallejo. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up. but we're taking kids that have potential and helping them realize that potential. >> also ahead, a real estate developer who's now helping young minds expand. the lesson in success in tonight's "bay area proud." the victims of a bizarre
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kidnapping in vallejo are firing bache the victims of that bizarre kidnapping in vallejo are now firing back pointing the finger at police for mishandling the case. denise huskins and aaron quinn filed a claim against the vallejo pd who they say waged a malicious campaign against them
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instead of pursuing the kidnappers. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us this evening in vallejo. this has been a strange case and continues to unfold here. >> reporter: it does, raj. this 26-page claim says the city of vallejo launched a vicious and shocking attack against those two kidnapping victims pouring salt on the wounds of innocent victimses >> we have filed a government claim today on behalf of denise huskins and aaron quinn against the city of vallejo. >> reporter: calling the treatment of their clients by vallejo police outrageous, attorneys for kidnapping victims denise huskins and aaron quinn have filed a claim against the city of vallejo. >> they were innocent of their alleged crimes, yet they were painted to the world as having been involved in a terrible hoax. >> reporter: investigators say huskins and quinn were blindfolded and bound by an intruder as they slept in their mare island home back in march. the intruder kidnapped huskins for two days during which she
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says she was raped. vallejo polices characterize the whole thing as a hoax. >> the statement that mr. quinn provided was such an incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it. >> reporter: but in july, the fbi arrested the suspect matthew muller. the couple's attorney say police have destroyed the couple's reputation by what they call a vicious attack. >> the law does not allow the police or public officials to throw citizens under the bus because they don't do their work. >> reporter: now a spokesperson for the city of vallejo today told we "we have not been served with a lawsuit but it sounds like there's a possibility of a pending lawsuit so we can't comment." the victims' attorney say they're going to give the city of vallejo 90 days to respond to the claim before they take more legal action. reporting live from vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update.
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san jose's airport is on the cutting edge selected to undergo an experimental security study. the faa designation comes with more than $1 million in funding. the money is on top of a $3 million grant awarded last month for safety improvements. sjc has had several security breaches in the last year. the new study will examine whether the faa needs to change its standards for runway security. the numbers are sobering. 1/3 of the students drop out, only 1 in 10 go on to a 4-year college. >> a group of students at richmond high is bucking the trend. garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud and the man behind their success. >> about a decade ago brad blake sat in a room filled with richmond high school students. he asked how many wanted to go to college. he says about 30 raised their hands. he asked how many thought they would go. only two kept them up. it was a powerful moment that he has turned into a powerful response. there's a field, an empty lot really, that is about to be
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transformed by brad blake. >> it's going to have about 30,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and services. >> reporter: it's not the first project this real estate t developer has overseen, it's not the only kind of thing brad has been involved in lately. that part of his story it turns out also starts with a field. the richmond high school soccer field, one night ten years ago. >> winter of 2005, monta vista high school played richmond high school in an ncs boys soccer playoff game. >> reporter: danville's monta vista, the underdog, won the match on what some called a fluke goal. the visiting fans knowing of richmond's tough reputation were worried what the home team's reaction would be. they shouldn't have been. back in danville, brad heard what happened. >> as they walked off the field, the richmond parents and players started applauding them.
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said congratulations, good luck in the next round. >> reporter: the danville soccer community was so impressed with that sportsmanship they donated $2,000 to the richmond program. brad says he then offered donations of equipment to the richmond coach. >> he said, no, what really these kids in our program need is hope. >> did you get credit for that? school credit? >> reporter: and that, for the past ten years, is just what brad has been giving them. that exchange, you see, ultimately led brad to create college is real, a counseling, tutoring, mentoring program run at richmond high school. all this, even though brad had no background in education. >> yeah, it wasn't about education. it was about hope. it was about motivation. it was about being able to bring resources to bear. >> reporter: looking at the numbers, it's also about success. in a school where 30% drop out,
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100% of college's real students graduate and only 10% of the student body go on to four-year colleges, 90% of colleges re' r students do. >> when i walked in this room i didn't think anything was possible for me. i'm on my way getting ready to go to college. >> reporter: brad says the key has been a simple one, they're not trying to change the stud t students, simply changing their perceptions of what's possible then watching their lives change as a result of it. >> when i see how their parents and their families respond to seeing their child, it's probably the first one in their family ever to go to college, and the gratitude they have and the emotion that they display, it's pretty rewarding. >> you're going to make everyone cry. >> oh my goodness. >> successful and growing. the first year they had 15 kids in colleges real, now they're up to 140 students participating. they're exploring, expanding the
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program to the other two richmond high schools. it's been that much of a success. of course, i should say brad doesn't do this all on his own. it's grown into a large program with volunteers and staff who help him do it. it seems like a simple change. changing the perception, letting these students know, you can do this. >> anything's possible. >> you can do this. college is within your sights. they didn't think it. look what happens when you just change that. >> they're all going. that's a great story. thanks, garvin. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the changing forecast. >> this weekend, temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, isolated low 100s. hope you enjoyed today and will tomorrow. 79 in the south bay. back toward the east bay, 81. not too hot. look at this blue skies stretching into san francisco and the north bay. unlimited visibility from belvedere looking back toward san francisco. with the clear skies in place right now that will help to give
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us radiational cooling and allow any kind of heat we had from today escape into the upper atmosphere. check out how low these numbers will go, up into the north bay we could actually drop down to 49 degrees tomorrow morning. definitely will need that light jacket. east bay, 57. the south bay, a clear start and 55. a nice way to begin that friday forecast. the largest change we'll have, again, is that storm system moving off to the east. with that in place, we'll still get some enjoyable weather on friday. sunny skies. temperatures will warm up, but once again, we'll be in the 80s inland. it's not going to get too hot just yet. it's going to be a quick flip by saturday and sunday. a lot hotter across the bay area. 10 to 15 degree surge. will bring isolated 100s inland and push this up to dangerous levels. let's bring you into the forecast a little l bit more. it's not only about the hot air aloft but also about the wind pattern. now, through tomorrow winds will still be primarily out of the west-northwest. not extremely gusty. once we hit saturday these winds
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are going to rotate and shift more out of the east. very hot and dry fire wind. it helps to lower our humidities. saturday the offshore wind with us. that will continue on sunday. so not only the hot air, but this also may blow in some smoke from the valley fire this weekend as well. you're going to want to watch out for that. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout your friday. beautiful day. san francisco. 71 expected in the mission and sunny skies. financial district, 7 3. san jose, 84. morgan hill, 85 degrees. let's bring you to the north bay, east bay and also the tri valley on your friday forecast. it gets warmer in the tri valley but should stay out of the 90s. 85 in pleasanton. east bay, 76 in oakland. looking good in napa with sunny skies and 85. let's break down the weekend. saturday and sunday, it's hot. sunday will be the hottest. that will push the south bay into 98 degrees. san francisco, 82. tri valley up to 100.
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so there's nothing we can do about this heat. if you're going to be outside, you're looking for something to do, nbc bay area is a sponsor of lafayette art and wine festival. no doubt they'll have ways to stay cool. best advice, head out early. check it out. 10:00 a.m., 79 degrees. 5:00 p.m., 94. raj and janelle? >> looks great. thanks so much. >> no problem. a victory for apple. a new ruling that could force its competitor to make big changes. stay with us. ♪
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san mateo county deputies on the look-out after receiving numerous rert on the prowl for mountain lions. san mateo sheriffs deputies are on the lookout after receiving numerous reports of mountain lion sightings. the latest happened today just after midnight. officers saw one wandering in a neighborhood on clear view way and creek ridge court not far from 280 and the college of san mateo. the heavyweight battle continues. apple and samsung in a federal appeals court and the winner once again is apple. apple wants samsung to stop selling devices that have apple's patented features. we're talking about the iphone's slide the lock, auto correct and data protection features. last year you might recall a jury in san jose ordered samsung to pay apple 120 million bucks for using those features but the
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judge did not permanently stop samsung from selling devices with those features. today the federal appeals court in washington, d.c., agreed with apple and sent the case back to the san jose judge to reconsider. still to come, three northern california heroes at the white house today. women demanding equal pay in the
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siicon valley. coming up tonight at 6:00, women demanding equal pay in the silicon valley. their crusade is paying out now at one of the biggest conventions in the country. in san francisco, we are at green force at 6:00. they've been honored in france, sacramento and now the white house. the three childhood friends from sacramento who took down a gunman on a paris-bound train last month met with president obama today in the oval office. they are anthony saddler, national guardsman, alex, and air force airman, spencer stone. the trio was also honored and presented medals at the pentagon by defense secretary ash carter. >> well deserved for those young men. jeff, before we leave, a quick look outside because it's actually beautiful right now. can we just stop right now? >> we're going to have a repeat performance of this tomorrow as well. if you're already thinking about the weekend, lafayette art and wine festival, great thing to do. 10:00 a.m. saturday, 79 degrees.
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5:00 p.m., 94. yes, it gets hotter this weekend but i'm giving you the heads-up to find some way to stay cool. >> thank you for joining us here at 5:00. tonight, game changer? front-runner donald trump gets piled on while carly fiorina breaks out from the pack. questions about whether some of the truth got lost in all the attacks. money talks. major decision on interest rates. the fed fearing a volatile world economy, the impact on everything from your mortgage to your retirement account. deadly quake. cameras catch the moment a monster earthquake shook chile. more than a million evacuated. the force so massive, it triggered tsunami waves rippling up the pacific to the u.s. going haywire. a massive system failure grounds hundreds of flights. passengers furious over delays and a


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